for women, folks with vulvas and people impacted by patriarchy

Empower & liberate yourself by accessing your body wisdom, pleasure & authentic sexuality

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In this series we’ll be having real and raw conversations - so that you get the necessary wisdom it takes to experience orgasms, get in touch with your body, and release the shame that holds people back in life.

These Guides have been featured on:

Meet Your Guides

Dr. Pavini Moray

Beyond genitals:
Rooting your LIFE in pleasure

Michaela Boehm

Embodied Intimacy

Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

yoni shakti the movement:
eradicating abuse of women in yoga and tantra

Devi Ward Erickson

Pleasure As Medicine

Dr. Marcy Pondi

Trauma, sexuality, spirituality

Kellie Stirling

Cultivating a Magnificent Midlife

Shawnrey Notto

What is Sensual Intelligence?

Sally Garozzo

Healing Through Menopause

Marina Nabão

Embodied empowerment:
reclaiming agency with somatic sexual trauma healing

Lucy Rowett

Purity Culture and Overcoming Religious Sexual Shame

Dr. Jin Ong

Healing birth trauma

Laura Amazzone

The Cosmic & Ubiquitous Yoni:
the Oldest Religious Symbol on the Planet?

Katelyn Parsons

dismantling diet culture to rebuild trust with your body

Yemi Penn

cleaning sexual trauma

Sasha Ostara

The Healing Wisdom of Pleasure

Dr. Isha Vela

Dismantling Power Blocks and Awakening the Embodied Divine

Jojo Donovan

Trans Pleasure and the Politics of Belonging

Kath Mazzella

Viva La Vulva (gynae awareness)

Kit Maloney

Vaginal Steaming

Mina Aidoo

The No Sex part of Good Sex

Porscha Newton

God and Sensuality

Tailor Duncan

Gender Expansive Pleasure & Liberation

Vanessa Muradian

Centering Queer Pleasure / Life As Foreplay

This interview series is unlike any other because we’re not only talking about things that are often only talked about behind closed doors, but giving you practical solutions and tools so that you:

 Release shame and love your body

Discover how to be more embodied and awaken new pathways to pleasure

Awaken your desires

Enhance your spiritual connection through your body

Understand the gifts of perimenopause, menopause and times of transition

Learn about trauma resolution

Discover your inner wisdom and power

And so much more!

About Your Host

Hello! My name is Gigi B. I'm a speaker, author, publisher, and life coach. ​ My passion is helping you connect to your truth center. I do this by helping you learn to be ok with your most insecure parts, knowing those insecure parts are far from your entire truth. I hold space for you so can shine. So your divine self can come through fully. I develop meaningful and innovative programs to bring align others to their unique genius so they can bring their gifts into this world and truly embody their calling.



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